When it comes to wine, place matters

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Wine grapes have an amazing ability to draw flavors and attributes from the place where the vines grow. Put your nose in one glass of red wine and you might get flavors of black cherry and anise. Taste the same variety from a different vineyard and you could get subtle hints of pine and spice.

Indeed, many natural aspects of a place affect the quality of both grapes and wine: soil types, climate, location, and topography, to name a few. The French call these collective aspects terroir. In Oregon, we refer to this as our "sense of place."

Oregon has many different "places" here

The state is blessed with one of the most diverse geo-climates in the world. Vintners can successfully grow superb cool- and warm-climate varieties, all within one state. And Oregon's varied geological legacy has created a diversity of soil types perfectly suited for growing high-quality grapes.

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Within just one growing region, visitors can taste and compare a huge variety of exquisite wines. But, you be the judge. Oregon's tasting rooms are open.

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