OWB Annual Report

As the Oregon Wine Board began its second decade, your Directors focused on clarifying the longer-term strategic vision and adding new competencies to more effectively execute programs benefiting Oregon's expanding wine industry.

The three-year strategic plan was shaped by industry input through surveys, business analytics and market research along with the judgments of Board members and other stakeholders. The plan will direct annual budgeting and establish program priorities rooted in three imperatives that support OWB's mission to serve Oregon's wine community through marketing, research and education. These strategic imperatives are:

  • Build the equity of Brand Oregon
  • Support the strategic expansion and availability of Oregon's wine brands
  • Enable competitive advantage through industry education and research

These imperatives are vital to the long-term growth and profitability of the Oregon wine industry. Building the equity of Brand Oregon anchors our marketing and communications messaging in Oregon's authentic attributes, confirmed by research: Sustainably farmed, hand crafted wines of exceptional quality. Firmly establishing Brand Oregon enables wineries to selectively expand distribution and sell effectively at higher price points. To enhance the impact of our spending and expand the reach of our programs, OWB works closely with our valued partners such as Travel Oregon, Oregon's regional grower and winery associations, the Oregon Wine Research Institute and the Washington State Wine Commission.

Furthermore, if we are to grow Brand Oregon, we must have a firm grasp on Oregon viticulture and enological developments, understand global trends in our industry and capitalize on broader business intelligence through industry education and research. Guided by our strategic markers, your Wine Board achieved the following over the past year:

  • Worked with research scientists and administrators at Oregon State University to further strengthen the working relationship between the OWRI and our wine community for greater productivity and impact.
  • Sponsored the most successful Oregon Wine Symposium to date with the industry reporting some of the highest event satisfaction scores ever.
  • Developed and launched the Oregon Wine Experience application for the iPad, with upgrades and content for other devices to follow.
  • Partnered with Travel Oregon to host the 2013 Wine Tourism Conference.
  • Partnered with Travel Oregon and Alaska Airlines to test and expand the Oregon Wines Fly Free campaign.
  • Awarded grant funding to Linfield College to extend the reach of the Oregon Wine History Archive across the state.
  • Cataloged more than 800 Oregon wine reviews from 2013 published in The Wine Advocate.
  • Supported winery efforts to enhance Oregon's presence in select international markets and hosted importers and journalists including the U.K.'s legendary Oz Clarke.

As proud as we can all be of Oregon's accomplishments over the past ten years, our industry is poised for even greater success in the decade ahead. We are adapting more quickly to the demands of farming at the margins and are making a broader range of distinctively superior wines with more consistency and character than ever. We see evidence of this in the number of wines rated 90+ points and in the surge of investment capital that is attracted by the marketplace demand for Oregon wines. We are on the cusp of a new era and I couldn't be more excited to be part of this dynamic wine community.

On behalf of the Oregon Wine Board of Directors and with deepest appreciation for your partnership in our collective endeavors for the state of Oregon,

Bill Sweat
Winderlea Vineyard and Winery
Chairman, Oregon Wine Board

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